Published Articles
A collection of recent and past publications are lsited below in PDF format.

High Voltage Switching
Give is a collection of papers describing various types of pulsed power switches ranging from SCRs, IGBT, MOSFETS, gas spark gaps and liquid spark gaps.

Compact Pulsed Power
Referenced is a list of several papers on compact pulsed power systems.

Research and Other Topics
Other areas of high voltage pulsed power design and research.


Documentation Downloads
The following files are in PDF format and can be downloaded and printed out for your use. Many of the product manuals and literature may require a password to open please Contact Us to receive your password via email.

Solar Simulators
Download system data sheets and the most recent versions of our solar simulator operation and maintenace quides.

High Voltage Systems
Data sheets and operation guides for your pulse generators and other equipment

Other Documents


Software Downloads and Updates
For the latest version of your system software please check our site often.