Problem solving is what AOPT can do for you. Our expertise in the area of high votlage design and testing can get your company where you want it to be with less time and money than expected.

Our development team will work with you to develop your ideas into reality. We have the facilities, expertise and knowledge to work towards a solution to your problems. Please contact us to discuss our ideas. AOPT will work under your NDA or ours to protect your ideas and intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets.

Alpha-Omega Power Technologies, LLC.
AOPT has several key areas of expertise which it can apply to your research and development needs a few of the areas are listed below. If you don't see your area of interest please contact us.

AOPT, has developed a complete line of benchtop high voltage pulse generators range in power from a few hundred watts to several kilowatts .

AOPT pulse generators
Please clik the link above to see our complete line of pulse generators if you don't see it listed we can build it for your.