Executive Summary

Alpha-Omega Power Technologies (AOPT) has been providing quality high voltage pulsed power products and services since 1997.  Design, testing and fabrication from system to module level are typical projects. We specialize in troubleshooting and providing solutions to customer requests and problems.  


AOPT provides design expertise in the following areas.

  • Solid-State Modulators
  • High Energy Capacitor Banks
  • Pulse Forming Lines and Blumlein
  • High Voltage Magnetic Pulse Compression
  • High Voltage Transformers and MARX Banks
  • Voltage Adder Deisgn and Fractional Turn Transformers
  • High Current Crowbars both Solid-State and Spark gaps
  • Vacuum insulators
  • Accelerator Design
  • Nanosecond Switching
  • Solid-state and ferrimagnetic Nonlinear Transmission Lines (NLTL)
  • High power microwave sources (HPM)
  • High energy pulse ion beam source
  • High temperature solar furnace and pulsed lamp drivers
  • Solar cell test beds (Terrestrial and space)
  • Onsite High voltage test beds for unique customer testing
  • PLC, HMI and Touch screen programming
  • Microcontroller, PIC, and FPGA hardware design and programing
  • IOT instrumentation design
  • PCB Design and Fabrication
  • PSPICE and electromagnetic Design
  • Full Mechanical Design and Documentation using SolidWorks
  • Full in-house CNC Machine shop